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  • Foot soldiers of the soul – ‘Meditation and marathons run in perfect harmony in the world of Tony Smith‘ By Julie Welch Published: 29 October 2000 . “At 4.15 on Tuesday afternoon the Indian peace advocate and guru Sri Chinmoy will appear at the House of Commons at the invitation of MPs Jenny Tonge and Piara Khabra, and Baroness Flather. He will share his vision of world peace and he may play his flute. So far, so run of the mill as far as visiting gurus go. However, where Sri Chinmoy differs from your average mystic is that he also happens to be a hero of the running community.”
  • Renaissance Yogi – April, 1989 Hinduism Today
  • Queens Guru Brought Two Legends Together – January 1998 Queens Courier. ” – “When Mother Teresa visited her Missionary House in the South Bronx, she would renew acquaintance with Sri Chinmoy of Jamaica. Actually, she met Princess Diana there after the Princess requested that the Queens guru introduce them.”